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I Forge Iron


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I think chop saw or any kind of grinder has a lot of xxxx in it...not sure if you want to (or even can) melt that stuff and mix it in with your scale.
I've never tried it, I think it was Thomas Powers who has posted on here that he's done the bloomery furnace thing.

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No you cannot "melt" it back into steel as it's an oxide of iron.

You can "smelt" it back into iron/steel using a bloomery set-up. It's fun to do but the stuff you get out of it has all the old-timey badness that smiths spent the last 2000 years of so trying to get away from.

Rehder's "The Mastery and Uses of Fire in Antiquity" has plans for a "foolproof" bloomery in it's appendices if you are interested in trying it out.

Having been part of a bloomery crew for about a decade I save my scale to use as ore...

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I used forge scale and torch table....stuff (dross?, scale?, splatter?) to make leather dye. Put a bunch in vinegar and let it stand for a while. If you put it on vegetable tanned leather, or anything with tannin in it, and it turns black. It works really well. Looks like it just is wet at first, then it turns black in front of your eyes. Really cool. You are making actetate of iron. Some people use steel wool in vinegar, not if you have scale around. MIKE

FrogPond's Dad

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