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Please help with some advices and anvil ID

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Hello friends, finally got an anvil but I have a lot of questions as a new on blacksmithing 
About the damage in the edges of that face, is this something that should be repaired ? can I work normally? or the face must be flat and smooth ? Or simply ignore no matter the shape ?
I've been reading in this forum that there a hardened area in the top of the anvil,how can I know if my anvil is still harded or not?

Also, if anyone has any info about the anvil,as you can see in the images only a few words are visible but I cant identify the brand.
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Hello and welcome to the forum

There’s a picture in AinA on pg 291 of a Holliday anvil made by Haybudden that looks pretty close, the solid wrought warrantied marking looks identical to me, 

have you done a ball bearing test yet? Or a ring test? 

if it passes both then I say leave it be and use it as is, 

have you read the (read this first post)? It will answer some questions and help you find your way around the forum, also if you put your location in your profile local smiths in your area may be able to help you out 

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4 hours ago, Pitfall said:

how can I know if my anvil is still harded or not?

As TW said do a ring/rebound test. With a small hammer tap around the hardened face to see if it rings. If the ring is fairly consistent over the face it is probably still hardened and attached (forge welded) to the wrought iron base. The ball bearing test will tell how hard. Drop a steel ball bearing from 10 inches and with a ruler see how far the ball bounces back. That will give you a percentage of rebound, anything above 7 inches 177.8 mm 70% is good.

Sadly it looks like someone has taken a grinder to the hardened face. It depends upon how much steel was removed on how good the anvil will be. It does look like a Hay Budden but I can't see a serial number on the front foot under the horn, which if I'm not mistaken all HB anvils had one. I recommend using it for a year before making any changes which usually do more harm than good.

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Thanks both for your help,excuse me sir,what could happen after using it for a year ?,I mean,the hardened surface can deteriorate through time due the damage in the edges?



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Using it for a year or a couple thousand hours before making changes is recommended because it allows you time to learn to work with the imperfections and you may find that you can use them to your advantage, 

If you do decide to do any repairs, spend some time researching the Gunter method, it’s considered the best way to repair, 

or you could find a local club that’s hosting a repair day, that way you could make sure the anvil can be repaired correctly without risking ruining it, and have knowledgeable and well equipped help to! 


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I seem to see:  U S  Solid Wrought Warranted   I'd have to look in AinA to see if the US brand was so marked.

The Danger is that someone may have done the welding on the high carbon face with out preheat and postheat/cool and so created cracks in the HAZ.  If the cracks are already there using it may cause them to propagate.  I would use that as a "starter anvil" and you may find a better one later---anvils seem to attract more anvils like decoys!

An Anvil Repair Day held by an ABANA Affiliate IF YOU ARE IN THE USA would be a great help to it.

What's the weight? if it's close to 100# then I would guess it had been used a lot for cold shoeing resulting in the edge damage on both edges before there was an attempt to repair.

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