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How can I make wavy lines with bar stock?

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I saw a jig demonstrated once (unfortunately, I can't remember by whom) that had hinged sections alternating on each side. You'd start by bending the piece to (we'll say) the right around a fixed section, with all the other sections folded out of the way. Then you'd flip the first section down on the left, and bend around that, then the next section on the right, and so on. That way you could make all the bends at one go, without the rest of the jig interfering. This might be the way to go if freehand isn't a good option (because, fo example, you need a large number of identical parts).

But as metalliferous points out, you'd need a steel jig, and you'd likely want to work your piece hot.

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Hey Tom,

Make a jig - if you make one wavy bar, eventually you're going to want to make more. You'll get consistent results that helps with assembly.

I build all of my jigs on top of angle iron - that way I can clamp them in the vice for stability.

Use stock stout enough to form the material at heat. Forge it into the shape you want giving yourself about 2" extra on each end. Then weld it to the top of the angle iron.

When you use it, clamp one end then use a pair of tongs (make or modify a pair for this purpose) , moving along the length to form it into the curves

I also write on each one of my jigs the length of material it takes to make my most commonly produced length (the ravages of old age - I always forget to make notes so having that measurement written down really helps).

If you go this route, post some pics of how you approached it.

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