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Are there any events coming up in central Oklahoma?

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I believe DHarris is a Saltfork member, might be mistaken thought.  You might try the Saltfork website.  Look under "Newsletters".  They list all the newsletters which are readable/downloadable except for the current month, which is viewable only by members.  If you look at the most recent non-member readable newsletter, they probably list meetings, albeit a month late.  Last time I looked, which was last month's, there were not meetings scheduled at all the four sections/chapters, I suppose due to COVID.

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Patrissmo, the club is still a viable club, the covid has slowed the meetings down for sure! There are still lots of members and they are trying to get regular meetings started up. Surprisingly it seems to be hard to do that!! I am not a member any longer but it has nothing to do with the club, my health has me down to the point I don’t even get out to the shop. I still want to get back to forging!

hope this helps , Bill Davis

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I believe there is a meeting tomorrow in Tulsa.  Not exactly the center of the state, but not quite xxxx either. The trade item is a BBQ utensil. Just knock out a quick steak turner in the morning before you go, but you don’t have to. Most people don’t. 

I was going to go, but need to spend time with my family instead. I’ve attached this year’s schedule. The calendar is pretty empty. Prior to the pandemic there was usually a meeting in at least one of the 4 regions every Saturday. Hopefully next year we will return to that. 

I look just like my profile pic. If you see me at a meeting in the future, be sure to say “hey.”


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On 6/18/2021 at 7:30 AM, Patrissimo said:

There doesn't seem to be much going on here, is this chapter still active?

I just read your profile and saw you live in Norman. Contact Byron Doner. He was our president for a long time and is still a director. There is a group which meets at his shop every Thursday evening. Ask him if you can come over and see his shop and visit for a while. His contact info should be available in Google. Then there is Gerald Franklin. He is in Norman as well. Like Byron, he is a past president. 

13 minutes ago, TWISTEDWILLOW said:

DHarris, I tried looking at your schedule but it won’t expand we’re it’s legible. 

How about this?  I must have shrunk it too much in order to save on bandwidth. 9FAFDC94-0641-4A91-B880-6FD818B4DEAB.thumb.jpeg.05c1b45ec108ce763e8e214b301f152f.jpeg

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