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Tongs identification?


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So I picked up about 6 tongs in a lot the other day.  Two of them are very large, almost 4 feet long.  Here are the jaws:


Any ideas on what these were used for?  I’ve not seen any before.


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Offhand, I would say they were for large industrial forging- think railroad, or ship building or the like. Maybe held in a chain sling to support the weight as worked under a big power hammer. Test them- they might be wrought iron.


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I was wondering what the nips where for, but if they are power hammer tongs they might be there to prevent the tongs from being hit by the power hammer and cause injury to the operator. the nip would catch on the bottom die.

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Interesting, good ideas!  

The confusing part to me is that the jaws are obviously made to hold something nearly flat, not a large piece like you'd use a power hammer for.  So maybe large sheet work.  

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