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Hello everyone,

I just picked this anvil up because it was cheap and why not buy yet another anvil lol. The more anvils I buy, the more anvils I want to buy..... I believe this is where I stand up and say, "hello, my name is Keith and I'm an anvil addict."

As you can see there is some plate delamination on the face and what I thought was interesting was the delaminated plate on the horn. I thought that cast iron anvils with steel faces would have steel only on the face?

Another interesting thing is on the edge that is chipped out, the plate is only about 1/8 inch thick, but on the delaminated side it is 1/4-3/8 inch thick? Seems kinda weird me thinks. 


Anyway, the only markings on it is a raised "O" on the foot below the heel. Nothing else. I was wondering if anybody would have any idea of a brand? I took a file to the casting and the casting everywhere but on the horn actually is pretty dang tough. The batteries for our scale are currently dead, but I'm guessing 120+- pounds. Ball bearing test showed 85-90% rebound all over which I thought was awesome. Hard to see from the picture of me showing the OAL of the anvil, but there's about 1/4 inch sway in the table. I also found it interesting that there was handling holes under the heel and horn. Didnt think those would be cast into a cast anvil. 

Thanks a bunch, Keith 








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I have a broken Vulcan that shows thin steel over the horn too.  The boss under the hardy and the inlet on the foot is probably what will narrow down what it is. Unfortunately I don't have my AinA handy here at work.

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