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Starting with a runic trowel made from a stainless spade someone dumped in the river. Forged on a shoe last. I like rough finishes when I'm making something for myself. I used way too much voltage to etch but salvaged the look a little by infilling with copper resin. 

The handle's medlar with a couple of holes filled with the same resin. 


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My trusty swoe - also made from that spade. It's the most useful tool I've had - sickel edge on the inside curve, push hoe end and chopping edge on the outside, plus a pointy bit for minor grubbing. This thing really kicks grass. I use it to mow the paths. 

Medlar handle again - half baked French polish (I sanded but didn't pumice and only did 3 layers). The etch is slime mould pattern. Five mins at five volts with table salt. 

The stainless isn't great at holding an edge but the same is true of traditional scythe blades - couple of strokes with a whetstone is all it takes. 


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Your post has been hiding from me. Cross bred a: bill hook, a sickel and a mason's trowel did you? It looks point heavy enough to take out some large brush. Looks good to me. I'll reserve my opinion of the touchmark though. :wacko: 

Frosty The Lucky.

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