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  1. Found another few this morning and some larger bolts, the bolts resist the file after quenching . I also found an office chair that I managed to lug quarter of a mile to a bin and two dining room chairs I couldn't carry as well. What staggers me is the effort it must have taken to dump them in the first place.
  2. A dishing hammer is exactly what I had in mind I've picked up five modern clips over the last few months , they're supposed to be .4C .7 Mn When the river gets a bit lower I'll do some serious exploring of the harder to get to bits
  3. A productive but uncomfortable dog walk, my physio is gonna give me disapproving looks. Those clips are a kilo each of shear steel, plus a bit of wrought, that nut and bolt might become hammer and I'm sure I can find a use for the coal shovel. It's sat on the half sleeper I found a while ago which happens to fit my sandbox as a lid.
  4. I cook with nettles now and then. One day I'll get round to trying fibre. Next door are clearing off for a few weeks, that neatly coincides with the end of finals so I'll actually be able to take some leave and get some serious hammering done
  5. Finally we get to the bottom of it - they're putting the house on the market and worried that I'll put it off viewers and think I'm doing this in revenge for last years fortnight of jackhammering from them. That means I should hold off from my real revenge plan - which involves a large bag of nettle seeds cos I wouldn't want to inflict that on new neighbours.
  6. Well I knocked on the door which I don't think he was expecting and lead to an immediate back down. I've now got them texting me when they go out - I'm not going to let them dictate when I do my hobbies but it adds another example of me being reasonable. Got a camera to set up and I'll just see what happens next.
  7. There were lot of foundries round here (Birmingham) so I'd guess iron/steel production, it got used for building and roads round here, this bit came from an 'outcrop' on the river bank, most I find in the road. I'd have cut it this weekend but it was hot and my workshop is a metal box with a glass roof
  8. As soon as I can get a lift I'll be filling a sandbox for the anvils. One's a cheap 5kg cast iron draper job (now dented xxxxxx) on a block of oak, the other's are a ten and a thee inch length of rail track used loose on a sleeper at the moment. The noise is definitely below anything that would be considered actionable, this presumably comes under "industrial activity" but as a hobby that just means not before 12 (from the govt website).
  9. At lot of industrial history round here. Now and then I find a bit of slag worth cutting and polishing. Never found one this clear before. Reckon I can get two stones out of this
  10. Noise - I highly doubt he'd get anywhere, but we do have to live next door to them. Nope, no damage and no video.
  11. I've been forging for well over a year, only just made the jump to ferrous but I was using exactly the same kit for silver and bronze. I've always been conscious it makes noise and stuck to one hour stints. The set up is on the opposite side of the house from the character I'm about to introduce and I have a tiny anvil. Not being able to drive I'm kinda limited on venues. The neighbour has suddenly started objecting. After having a go at my wife a few weeks ago I agreed to keep it between 4&6pm, I've only fired up the forge five times since then - and limited it to half an hour sessi
  12. My second knife and seventh thing I've made from ferrous metal. Just a basic kitchen knife. This was my old plaster file - lost in a leaky shed for years and well on it's way to becoming a concretion. Managed to get down to just over a mm on the edge by hammer, it's ever so slightly serrated. The wood is Leyland cypress - I think I have a new favourite, it's easy to work, comes out a treat with shellac and thanks to jerks illegally dumping, there's plenty sat there ready seasoned. Bolster's horn.
  13. Working through the replies - I've been carding (even if I didn't know the name), I didnt know about picking through the teeth with something hard - that's made a difference. I was taught proper filing action as a child to stop me ruining my grandfather's stuff! Half rounds - I just like them, I have others but it's my first choice I'm filing freehand most of the time and like the versatility. The brand I can't remember - small relatively local engineering firm,( that stocked saw sets last time I looked! ) they're meant for metal. Definitely going to try the chalk. Hot filing I'll
  14. Just made a hefty box for both pieces, just need to get some sand. The end of the the large piece is really rough, I'll see if I can slice off a useful piece when I tidy that - looks like it'd make a really good small eye hoe if I bent the flats round to form the eye. If it works it'd be worth buying a section for the purpose - I can bribe the allotment committee into letting me set up down there...
  15. They've not been crusted in scale - cleaned before annealing but then I set to with the file, maybe I should wire brush first. Getting a couple of grit files would let me file in both directions though
  16. I do most of my stock removal with a set of 12 inch half round steel files (good quality ones - none of the case hardened cheap stuff) . They're not lasting well since I started on ferrous - the smooth is a bit smoother than I'd like after five pieces. I'm thinking I should get some grit files but I've not found they last well (because I bought cheap ones), any suggestions for a good set?
  17. That is a beautiful knife Latticino, that's what I'm aspiring to. I know I'm not ready for that yet - my forge welding is virtually non existent, scrub the virtually I have a 50% sucess rate - 2 attempts. For the moment I'm going to straighten up the stock I have, and aside from offcuts leave it alone. I might play with a couple of the rivets, I need a shed hasp and staple - I like the look of splayed and heavily etched wrought iron so I I'll hammer one out for the plate and go over the edges a little cold, draw the other out for the staple and give them a dip. These forums are amaz
  18. That's the route I was going down, I don't know what they look like in the rough, I presume they retain some of the slag. I've just acquired some modern pandrol clips which I know is a manganese steel. I'm thinking it might be nice to layer those two together, would that be a foolish idea for someone just starting out?
  19. Duly acquired though the magic of the interweb and flipped through. That'll make good commute reading. Thanks for the tip.
  20. A quick go with a file, it's harder than mild or wrought but not as hard as the spring, it had gone a bit cold before quenching - all I was thinking of was getting the crud of. I wonder if the stench was from the concretion formed in a polluted river. I'm in half a mind to just go for it with this piece and make a small veg knife - all I've got to loose is time.
  21. Please don't give me a grilling over the cheesy piece. I've done some more playing - sparks longer than a bit of the wrought flat but less than a suspension spring, heated and water quenched it goes ting when hit, the wrought goes clack. So some grade of steel? I suppose the thing to do is straighten it, draw off a piece and test it
  22. That'll keep me in lime wood once it's seasoned. And I wonder why I need a hip replacement..
  23. The discs a little worn but relatively short, some of them with a little fork at the end
  24. Couldn't resist giving it a quick grind. Looks like mozzarella.
  25. I saw your post on that - sent me down some rabbit holes holes! when you say pipe, how thick? I presume treacle tin would just burn up but there's a length of steel tube security fencing in the river - I'd need get the zinc off first. I've no idea how to judge wi quantity but the rail clip looks like bent wood and made cough inducing sulphur fumes when I heated it, smelt like brown coal - my spidey sense is tingling... or is my lungs?
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