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I got an amazing gift recently. I got a Hardy/hardie tool bench. It came with 4 pieces. One is a Blowhorn I know that... there's a spike that im pretty sure has nothing to do with it and 2 items that cannot be used in the bench.


One of the two, looks to me, like a removable Anvil horn, the other is a long rectangular object with a step in it. Both are horizontal fits and both have a round, male insert with two flattened or "keyed" sides, unlike other vertical that are tapered square/rectangle. There are no stamps or markings. Can you help me identify the 2 and possibly the spike? I am also interested in finding corresponding pieces for both bench and unidentified tools.

I am new to blacksmithing, just getting the final pieces together to really start. I appreciate any help you guys can give. I've tried for days looking up different words to identify the 2 with no luck in the slightest. He'll, I honestly don't know what I'm looking at with these 2 specifically. They could be for something entirely unrelated. Anyways, thanks again guys!


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Well it looks like tinsmithing tools and not blacksmithing tools.  I'd suggest you search on Pexto forming stakes and Roper Whitney forming stakes.

(Note that tinsmithing stakes are often fairly soft and would ding a lot when used for blacksmithing.  I have a number of them and most often use them for non-ferrous metal working.  Some friends of mine use them for armour making (SCA) using heavy rawhide mallets to provide the shaping force.)

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Going from the OEM websites you will notice that they tend to be very pricy indeed, pricing directed towards corporations and schools. On the other hand I've gathered a nice collection with the most I have paid for a used stake  was US$25 (though I seem them on CL for $100 a stake from time to time.)  I even picked up several at the scrapyard for 20 UScents a pound including my mint condition stake plate.

What kind of blacksmithing are you interested in?  I've had my double tap and the wait and would be happy for you to stop by the smithy some weekend after noon when I'm home.

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