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Uncas: Last of the Mohicans..(Appologies to Cooper)


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At long last...I have finally finished my limited series of 125 Japanese style blades.. This one is number 84/125 ( I used a random numbering system..giving everyone a chance at a lower number..)

Hand forged 1070 Kobuse construction ( 1070 jacket wrapped around a soft iron core).. 28" blade..Shinogi-Zukuri..Gold and black silk ito over black same-gawa. Temple lion theme fittings. The siya is wood, with black horn fittings and gold and black finish in my "two tone" style.. Came out OK if you ask me..


This one goes up on my site this evening...  along with the other last numbered sword and two book IV prototypes...Sorry the photos aren't too hot on this one...








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You're free huh. :rolleyes: What are you starting on tonight? How about a photography class, how many times have I told you. "OBLIQUE LIGHTING" on polished metal! Sheesh, you try and try but do they listen? Hah!

Beautiful as always Jim, I can't see it but I'm sure the haman is as stunning as always.

Thanks again for the look see.

Frosty The Lucky.

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