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The lathe in my shop.

Jim Foster

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Goatheads are a low growing plant that produce immense numbers of  2 thorned seeds, also called puncture weed out here. AKA as Natures little caltrops. the two thorns make them look like a goat's head.  They will stick into tire tread, boot soles, dog paws. They are the reason that every door in my shop have a section of metal grating to scrub your shoes against to try to remove them outside of the house. You don't kneel on the ground out here either!  As a bonus they grow from the seed such that if you try to weed them you get stuck grabbing the plant's base.  Easiest method is to use a carpenter's claw hammer: slid the claws around the plant's base and pull up when it tightens to it.

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6 hours ago, Nodebt said:

  Slag makes short work out of toe jambs! 

  Thanks for the photos.  Nice.  I'll look at them for a while before asking a dumb question or two.  It appears to me it clamps to the ways.  I have one my grandpa made himself, but it clamps in the compound rest.  Again thanks for posting the pix.

47440F6C-DF7E-4FE6-AABA-4A52401759F9.thumb.jpeg.4a543ea3ca1668e2d6ff56e90963a851.jpegYup, mounts to the compound with two 1/2” bolts. Chuck a mill cutter in the chuck and advance your compound forward and back the length you want the key way and towards the chuck till the desired depth. Works great but slow as heck. 



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