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  1. Yup, mounts to the compound with two 1/2” bolts. Chuck a mill cutter in the chuck and advance your compound forward and back the length you want the key way and towards the chuck till the desired depth. Works great but slow as heck. Jim
  2. Go all summer without shoes unless I have to go to work or some business. But home, hardly ever. Sometimes running a torch... hahaha!
  3. Got tired of stubbing my toes on them laying on the floor. I go barefooted most of the warmer part of the year. Oh crap, forgot. Will get that pic in a few. Again. lol Jim
  4. OK. Thanks for the heads up. Jim
  5. I’ll give it a try. How did this picture come out? Jim
  6. I was trying to find a decent American made vertical mill. No Chinese xxxx is allowed in my shop. But these mills bring 3000 bucks around here IF you can find one. Jim
  7. Absolutely. I got this mill with all the goodies for 500 bucks. I had run a vertical mill and was actually wanting one worse than this one but this was the only one for sale around here and the price couldn't be beat so I snatched it up and youtubed the xxxx out of it to learn how to operate it. Ruined the first 2 gear blanks learning the dividing head. Makes nice keyways. lol Jim
  8. Yup, a milling attachment. Got one for it too. used it to cut keyways. I'll post it in a bit. First need to learn how to down size my photos.
  9. Forgot to say, it’s a LeBlond.
  10. The automatic feed is nice when you want to run another machine at the same time. Traded a guy a small table saw/jointer for it. Found the saw in the local dumpster so the price was right.
  11. Marine Corps, l/cpl ‘83 to ‘88. One year at Marine Barracks Concord CA/ Moffet Field for disciplinary action for punching an NCO at Infantry Training Camp Pendleton. The rest of my stint was 0351 anti tank/demolitions, weapons Company 2nd Battalion 9th Marines. Signed up the day the Marine Barracks was bombed in Beirut Lebanon.
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