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Getting started in New Mexico

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It is a pleasure to join the group. My father and I have recently started up the forge here in New Mexico. I have always enjoyed being in the shop, and especially enjoy design and manufacturing. Blacksmithing has become a great way to spend down time and bring together a lot of the interests that I have gotten into in the years. The more I learn the more I realize I don't know. In these times it is hard to find a mentor or any resources that are available, and I look forward to a new group of like minded individuals to help me on my journey of blacksmithing. I look forward to any ideas you have as a first project, or anything you recommend I should do as a budding blacksmith. 

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Well if you can PM me your location I can help you meet up smiths near by.   Albuquerque/Santa Fe the New Mexico Artist Blacksmiths would be a good group to get to know.  https://nmaba.clubexpress.com/

Socorro would be me.  Las Cruces would be Pep Gomez.  I can probably find some folks in Roswell and Deming and Carlsbad; but they are not my general haunts.  I get my second of the double taps March 3 and so will be back to teaching and having open forges at my place most weekends after March 24.

Note that there are a couple of smithing schools in Santa Fe area which will hopefully reopen after Covid is under control.

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