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forge still not getting hot


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I have a DEVIL FORGE that was just not getting quite hot enough to forge weld. I noticed that it only had about an inch of insulation so I increased the insulation by another inch, used rigidizer and refractory cement. Now it's barely getting hot enough to forge steel. I've obviously done something wrong. Can anyone give some advice?

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Welcome aboard Martn, glad to have you. If  you'll put your general location in the header you'll have a chance of hooking up with members living within visiting distance.

Have you calculated how much you reduced the volume of the forge by adding another 1"+?

I'm betting the much smaller forge volume is causing so much back pressure the burner just can't work properly.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I am brand new to this as well and bought a double burner Devils Forge. The refractory it comes with is a joke so I followed the advice given here and purchased plenty of kastolite 30 and relined it with that over the factory 1" of kaowool. I only made a layer about 3/8" thick. The volume of the forge is too small by my eye to have it thicker and place a sacrificial brick in there as well. It would put the project material right in the blue flame and from my handling of a torch this is not a good thing nor where the heat is. I am going to make my own thin sacrificial brick from left over kastolite. I also will be closing off 90% of one end to conserve heat and have better control of it. Is yours open on both ends or does it have the doors?


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