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Is this mostly unmarked anvil with the price?

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Seller says it's 100# but the only making is the 10 stamp on the bottom. It's being sold as an "antique anvil" for $350. I'm not in a huge rush to pick up an anvil but I've been keeping my eyes out for deals. Is this worth it at all?




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I'd want to see what sort of rebound it had before I would consider it.  The edges are rough but the rest of the face looks OK.  The profile reminds me of a Vulcan, short stubby horn.  I'd consider $350 on the high side even with a good rebound.  In any case it is not a "deal" but might be OK if everything else besides the edges was good.

"By hammer an hand all arts do stand." 

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Looks like a Badger to me with the divot in the foot under the hardy hole, is there a boss around the underside of the hardy hole?

That 10 is NOT "stamped" it's cast proud of the surface and so indicates that the body is cast iron, the face steel; so like a Vulcan.  If the face has not been thinned then it would be a good starter anvil for urban and suburban areas where you want to have a quiet anvil.  That price looks more like an upper end price to me for higher quality anvils.

I agree with the $200.

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Depending on the results of a bearing rebound test I would offer 175 and settle on as much as 225. How much do you want it?  If you have been looking for a long time it might be a good idea to get it. Also have you looked at any new anvils? For not much more money you could get a new anvil that's only slightly smaller. 


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