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New Coal Forge Build

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After 8 moves in 8 years, I'm back to using coal primarily. Still have the Sandia Gas Forge for special problems, but I always prefer coal for the projects.

I've been in the habit of making the frame out of wood, with 5/8" square to set the firepot in the middle, then topping the forge with scrap sheet. This is my 5th coal forge I've made this way- cheap, easy and quick to make!



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Looks fine. I like the "use what ya got" use of scraps for the table top.

My only suggestion would be some sort of fencing around the outer area to keep the spare fuel on the table. It could be anything really. Maybe a 2" or so cutoff from a 55 barrel, or just some strapping bent to a square, or some angle iron welded up. Doesn't really need attached to the table, just set there to hold the fuel from rolling off. 

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I'll second Daswulf's comment of having some sort of fuel containment. I prefer angle iron or firebrick for ease of adjustment. For bituminous and charcoal I use a barrier to contain the fire and conserve fuel; for anthracite (and if I used coke) I use it just to keep fuel on the table because the fire doesn't spread much from the air source.

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