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Looking for a mentor in s. central PA

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Hi Longhunter I'm in Dover, PA. I've started developing a small network of local smiths.

My biggest problem is lack of TIME. I work semi-long hours at my day job, as does my wife, and we are trying to raise a one-year-old, and remodel the basement. I haven't forged anything in two weeks!

But I can add you to the network, and we maybe can get together soon.

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I'm new here. I am from Reynoldsville, PA, Jefferson County. I am looking for someone to show me the basics as I am learning this art. I plan to build a good coal forge, and make trapping supplies and other things with it.


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Welcome aboard Mike.

You've come to the right place, I can guarantee there's at least one person well versed in virtually anything you want to try. If not, let me know and I'll make up something for you. :rolleyes:

If you'll go to the top of the page and click on "User CP" in the green bar, then edit your profile to show where you live you won't have to keep reminding us.

I know you put it in your post but I won't remember in a few minutes, let alone next time you ask a question. See, there're guys all over the world doing this stuff and there's almost undoubtably one living not far from you but most of the guys with very much experience are like me and suffer age related CRS. (Can't Remember SH . . Stuff) It's best to make it easy on us aged old curmudgeons, hassle makes us cranky. :o

You can also look at the ABANA site's affiliate pages for a club in your area where you can hook up with guys who like fire and hitting things with hammers.

There's also the Blue Prints on this site and the "Getting Started" sections. Either will give you hours of entertaining and educational reading

Again, welcome aboard, glad to have ya.


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