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Wood stove forge


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The picture is kind of unclear but from what I can see it loos like an old wood stove for cooking, what we call in the US a "range."  If that is the case, probably not.  You would do better with a JABOD ("just a box of dirt").  You'd put way too much effort into trying to convert the stove to something usable for heating metal to forging temperature.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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That definitely makes a difference. In the mobile format your location doesn't show up under your avatar like when using the PC version so I wasn't sure where you were located. If you can fabricate a box out of any of the pieces you can make a forge. George mentioned a jabod. They're the easiest and cheapest forges to build. A box, a pipe, some dirt, and something to push air through the pipe and you have a forge. Here's another version of a jabod. I think this is the type of jabod I prefer after building both. https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/55467-mark-iii-jabod-forge/




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