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New dream vise day!


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My friend who’s a welder is moving to Florida. I got his 300lbs+ Hay Budden, 4 foot cone.  But the last one was the vise. One day 6 months ago I went over to his shop and talk about it. But he had someone’s named painted on it. I’ve mentioned it to him in the past, if Scotty doesn’t get it I’ll buy it. Well next week he’s moving. We went to his shop this morning, talked for 20 minutes, I left but then walked back in and asked if the guy was still coming for the vise. He said nope, and 30 seconds later it was on my truck. He owes me money for some labor, so I don’t have to pay anything out of pocket. I’ve dreamed about this vise, I’m not embarrassed to say that.

A Vanderman #3


it means a lot to me too because he’s a great friend and I’m honored to have his anvil, vise, and mandrel. I also got A seized up post vise from him and tons of old tongs.

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A good looking #3 Steamfitters vise.

This from the internet:


Made by Vanderman Manufacturing Co. East Hampton, Connecticut.

Vanderman Manufacturing Co.was established in 1878 by William Vanderman and was located in Willimantic CT. The company manufactured heavy steel tool chests used by railroads and construction trades. Some of the smaller chests were used by The Wells Fargo Express Co. and were used as boot-boxes on stage coaches. Vanderman Manufacturing also made combination bench and pipe vises used in the steam fitting trade and was considered the best vise ever made. Vincent Nesci purchased the plant in 1966 and moved it to its present location in East Hampton CT. Nesci Enterprises, Inc. makes Concrete Saws, Welding Fixtures and prototype parts.


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On 12/18/2020 at 3:59 PM, Stash said:

Show us the post vise too. Seized up is generally just a matter of penetrating oil( ATF and acetone is best), time and gentle encouragement ( heat and/or beat).


Will do, it’s all there, just seized up. He said he had another one but doesn’t know where it went. But who care I got a Hay Budden, Mandrel and Vanderman #3 Vise. 

what sucks is he’s the best welder/ fabricator around. My dads known him for 30 years and me and him only got close the last two years. I should have learned all I could about welding from him. I work with my dad and brother in construction but I want to get into blacksmithing/welding as a career. We do structural work which I love but I’d like to do ornamental work too.

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