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I Forge Iron

Hello from NY

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Paul TIKI -  Thank you!! That is my long term goal! I do have alot customers that love engineered so called "super steels" So during my path learning I will lose a few customers on the way. However I do believe it will be worth it in the end. I will be starting another post soon with a detailed punch list of tools to purchase. My punch list so far is 160-190lb Anvil, 16 ton hydraulic press, propane forge, Hammers, tongs and a milling machine    

Buzzkill- No problem! I sand blast with a 120grit aluminum oxide then I degrease my knives in Acetone for about 30min. Next I Soaked the knives in Ferric Chloride Acid 50% diluted. Three sessions at 30 mins a piece. Between sessions I wipe the scale off the knife formed by the acid. Finally depending of the customers request I do light ceramic tumble or a heavy one. The knife pictured was in my rotary tumbler for 1min. The Other finish like the Kukri I used Armor Black Cerakote 

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Don't let lack of funds slow you down, or searching for the perfect tool.  I did and that kept me from starting for way too long.  When I first took more than a passing interest in the craft, I thought I needed all of those things, then I found out different.  The great news is you can smash on hot metal with a hammer with almost no money at the outset, just time and cleverness (and maybe some stubbornness).

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