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  1. Frosty- Thank you I appreciate it. The profile is not my favorite either but I do sell a lot of The Ronin style blades. It normally features a compound grind ( Hollow ground main Bevel with Flat ground tip) I did this originally but ended up grinding everything flat. It looked a bit weird and took away from the Damascus. Irondragon- Thank you!! I am still worried about the decisions I made lol. A lot of my customers love engineered steels (cpm 3v, s35vn etc) So only time will tell if I have chosen the right path. But I will say I forgot how therapeutic forging was/is. I really lost the
  2. Hello everyone! I wanted to give everyone a update and I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to this post. I received all my equipment and successfully made my first billet on a 100 layer ( 80crv2- 15n20) Rain Drop Damascus. The shape is completely forged. Here is a picture of the knife let men know what you guys think?
  3. Frosty and Thomas LOL! My biggest fear is when I die my wife will sell my guns for what I told her they cost. lol... Now the same can be said for my forging tools haha. Now I am looking into building a Anvil stand. I will most likely keep it simple but when looking on youtube this video popped up. All I can say is wow! The idea on a moveable stand is very impressive. It will take me some time to figure out my shop configuration so this stand is very intriguing. Sorry in advance if posting a link is not allowed but it is a great video
  4. Thanks guys for all the help! I am definitely rethinking the rounding hammer...at least for now. I think when I get the point of needing one I will make my own. So one thing I still need help choosing is tongs. There is so many to choose from its crazy. I got some bad news today and good news. I ordered the Ridgid 165lbs Peddinghaus anvil from zoro. I recieved a email today saying it was backordered and there is no sign on when it was coming back in. I called and to cancel my order and they offered the Peddinghaus 275lbs at a 20% discount with free shipping. All I can say is Zoro
  5. Jealdi- from what I read chili is one of the best forges commercially available. In a few years I might build a vertical ribbon forge but I will see how this works first. I will post pics with my results. Jason- Thank you! I looked it up and I hope to build something similar once’s figure out how I am going to arrange my shop. His rolling press looks amazing! Anvile- That makes a lot of sense. I appreciate the advice! Do you have a favorite brand that I could look in to? I might get a rounding hammer for the non Damascus billets. But if any other tools suggestions would be
  6. Jealdi- Stacey from Chili forge did mention that to me. If I do go with their forge I will definitely get a few of those
  7. So after doing a ton of research coal is not in my cards. Setting up a proper chimney to code at my house would cost way to much to get started. Also the right coal needede very difficult to get. Thomas- I do keep a pretty clean shop however when doing handles I even with my dust collector G10 dust still manages to coat everything. Please let me know if there is better options out there So what I have come up with so far is 16ton coal iron works press 165lbs Ridgid anvil Propane forge I am really tossing and turning on this one. Chili 2 burner forge and Ellis
  8. First off sorry for the delay responding, Your Advice is amazing and lead me to a lot of research. Thanks to everyone taking time to help Frosty- JHP does amazing work. I am going to walk before I run for sure. My work shop (Garage) is attached to my house so I will have to be extra careful. I work in the HVAC Industry for 20 years and after your response It got me thinking. I began taking measurements on calculating Make up air and exhaust air. So far I need 400 CFM for the exhaust. I am going to need 800 cfm for makeup air. I will also set up a few RIB relays to power up a bigger fan.
  9. Thank you Frazer! I will definitely check them out! Have you come up with any solutions for fresh air intake and venting? If so I would love to hear about it. Currently I have a 500gallaon propane tank for my house. From what I am reading in other post. That tank cannot be used due to the reduced pressure going into the house. So I would have to get a additional 100 Gallon tank. I really do like the idea if coal forge to eliminate propane. I am a long way off from this but I would like to experiment with Stainless steel damascus . Do you think a coal or coke forge can handle that kind of
  10. Daswulf- That is great Advice! I will definitely google him. I would love to see that rolling mill in action. I happy to be here. All the post I have so far have been really insightful
  11. Frosty that make a lot sense. I will definitely give that a try. In my head I was picturing drawing the billet out to 24”x2x3/8” when a order came in cut the length I would need and forge it to shape. Thank you for the advice!
  12. Thomas, Daswulf and Frazer you all are absolutely correct fundamentals are absolutely essential. One thing that forgot to mention is I started this journey with forging. I made a charcoal forge out of two stainless steel junction box that I got from a commercial building while I was fixing some electric. It was two 14x14 boxes stacked and welded on top of each other. The bottom box I had a 2” stainless steel conduit that I attached a variable speed inducer motor. My first anvil was a harbor freight 50lb. I played around with mild steel with faggot welds and practiced some of my designs on
  13. Hey Everyone! I hope I am posting this in the right place. I have been making knives part time through stock removal for about 6 years now. My goal is to setup the necessary equipment to start forging my own Damascus billets in different patterns. I know it is not an easy task But I'd rather try and fail then not try at all. I have been searching through this forum and I think I read between the lines on choosing the right equipment. Here is what I am looking to get so far: Propane forge- I have been tossing and turning on this. Right now Chile Habanero is my front runner, 2nd Chil
  14. Paul TIKI - Thank you!! That is my long term goal! I do have alot customers that love engineered so called "super steels" So during my path learning I will lose a few customers on the way. However I do believe it will be worth it in the end. I will be starting another post soon with a detailed punch list of tools to purchase. My punch list so far is 160-190lb Anvil, 16 ton hydraulic press, propane forge, Hammers, tongs and a milling machine Buzzkill- No problem! I sand blast with a 120grit aluminum oxide then I degrease my knives in Acetone for about 30min. Next I Soaked the knives i
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