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If you open up a discarded hard drive, at the base of the swing arm are two small very powerful rare earth magnets. If you let them click together they are hard to separate w/o a tool. Caution opening up a hard drive will almost surely ruin it for computer use.

In old microwaves you can find a pair of nice ring magnets about 3" dia inside the klystron which looks like a tin can with fins on in usually mounted at the top and back. Pull the can apart to find the magnets. There is also a big high voltage cap usually at the back which looks like a flat tin bottle with terminals. I like to short this out first by putting a screwdriver across the terminals just in case its still holding a charge. I have never seen a spark but its a simple precaution.

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A VERY cheap source for strong neodymium. (I have bought from them, and they are both reliable and fast.)

eBay Store - magnets: wind turbine, flexible magnets windmill blades, rare earth magnet

Neos (Neodymium rare earth) are really good, as a small fifty pound pull sucker (1" diameter by 1/2" grade N50 ) can be used at a distance to tell if steel has gone non-magnetic, without the hot steel being close enough to really damage the magnet. Just don't try to touch the steel to the magnet..... even with cold steel. These are POWERFULL. :o

No, I have no connection other than being a happy customer of theirs.... :D

Paul Andrulis

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