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I Forge Iron

New to knife smith world

Jimmy Rickard

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Pack a lunch and a cold drink and read a section of IForgeIron that is of interest to you.  Then refill the cold drink and move on to the next section of interest, read that, etc etc.

Find a fuel source in your location (where ever that is) and build a forge that uses that as fuel.  It will not be perfect, but it will be your first forge.  Learn from and with that forge in order to build your second forge that is a little better, but still not perfect, and so on, and so on.

Anything that you can hit on is in fact your first anvil.  Start looking for a bigger and better anvil as your needs grow.

A 2 pound hammer is all that is needed.  

You now have something to get metal hot, something to hit on, something to hit with.  Take what you learn to the forge and try it out, see if it works.    No matter want anyone else says, at that point you ARE a blacksmith. 

When you build your first sharp (ish) and pointy thing you have crossed over into the bladesmithing world with your first knife.  Improve your knowledge and skills with each additional blade you make.

Your search for knowledge only stops when you want it to. 

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If you click on the three bars at the top right, pull up your account, then profile info- you can add your location, hobbies, info etc. Like that.

Then when I read your post- I can click on your profile and see if you're close to me or not...

Helpful info sometimes. Welcome to the madness Jimmy! And don't be afraid to fail. Make a bunch of crappy chunks of steel that don't look like anything useful... they are- they show you and tell you how to move metal, how to do better the next time.

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