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Hammer eye struggles


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Hello again everyone, I’m hoping you all can give me some advice here.

I’m struggling xxxx xxxx to punch and drift a straight, clean eye in a hammer. I’m on my second attempt. I’ve been using a hand punch I made from 3/4 h13. The drift I’m using was drawn out from a big pry bar. 

The first issue is the eye is crooked, which is certainly just lack of experience. The second issue is I can’t seem to drive the drift in far enough to try to draw the cheeks out and straighten the crookedness. 

I’ve realized that I need to be working very hot, so I adjusted the forge and I’m having a somewhat easier time, but I just can’t seem to get it driven very much at a time. 
I’m working solo for one, and two I don’t think the punch tip geometry is right. I’m not getting a clean plug either. Anyone have any suggestions? 






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Hey Thomas, thanks for the reply. 
I haven’t tried drilling holes but maybe I’ll try that next time. I was hoping to get it done on the anvil but that’s proving tougher than I expected. 
I’ll post a picture of the punch I’m using below. 
Im using propane, seems to be a very even heat. 
I don’t have anyone holding, that would be nice but with a hand punch it seemed like a bad idea. I need to make a handled punch with better tip geometry for sure. Having that and a striker will be helpful. 





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Thanks for the reply Iron Dragon ForgeClay. I have some tongs that will hold it but it would probably take two hands to hold it closed. Maybe I can get my wife to hold it, I’m just worried it will wiggle around a bit in the tongs when I’m striking. Might have to modify another pair. I don’t know if I’m letting it soak long enough, I’ve been taking it out as soon as it’s yellow but that’s a good suggestion, I’ll let it soak longer next time. 

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If the tongs fit good, try using tong clips. You can set the clip really tight, and not have all that stress on your hand/arm. I found my elbow on my tong holding arm bothers me if I’m holding something odd and with tong clips there’s no issues. (Its kind of funny that I’ve never had problems with my hammer arm...)


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