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Kiss Block

JCL BlackSmith

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Hello Everyone

I am looking to make some kiss blocks and I wanted to know the best types of steel to use to make them at the best price. I'm sure tough steels (W2, O1, Tool steel, etc) would be up to the task but could I get away with something like low carbon steel?, say  1018, 1040, etc???

Tool steel is much better I know but it's also more expensive, kind of looking for something more "middle of the road" when it comes to price but still be able to handle the punishment a kiss block needs to take.

Opinions and advice on which steel to use for kiss block would be appreciated.

Thank you

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So you need it for a million pound press doing 5000 reps a day 365 days a year or for a 25# LG doing a couple of reps a day but only on weekends?

Also what size of block do you intend to make?

If we know what country you were in we might be able to suggest a place to source material at a good price.

You know the details; we don't. To get the best answer you need to share as many details as possible!

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Good kiss blocks are a matter of operator skill more than steel type. Ease upon the treadle when the die KISSES the block, they're really there to let the operator know the part is where it needs to be NOT stop the operator in spite of him/er just slamming away at it. That treadle isn't an on off switch you know, it's a throttle.

I use hot rolled mild for kiss blocks and replace them when I lose them, I don't wear them out under my 50lb. Little Giant.

Frosty The Lucky.

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