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  1. Hello Everyone I am looking to make some kiss blocks and I wanted to know the best types of steel to use to make them at the best price. I'm sure tough steels (W2, O1, Tool steel, etc) would be up to the task but could I get away with something like low carbon steel?, say 1018, 1040, etc??? Tool steel is much better I know but it's also more expensive, kind of looking for something more "middle of the road" when it comes to price but still be able to handle the punishment a kiss block needs to take. Opinions and advice on which steel to use for kiss block would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. My forge is setup up in a way that makes my propane hose hot...not on fire but hot. I can touch it without getting burned or anything like that but I feel uncomfortable having my propane hose getting hot. I have a simple question, how much heat tolerance does a propane hose have?
  3. Hello Jonathan Lee Wheels on the bottom of your anvil stand is for sure a great way to move a heavy anvil around. 2 problems i have had with the issue of wheels on an anvil stand are that striking over time will damage the wheels / casters. Also, kind of goes without saying but anything on wheels can move easier, even with breaks. What I would suggest is offset wheels on at the back side of your stand, attach them on the side of the stand instead of underneath. I have attached a picture of my anvil stand with this setup.....( ok, i had to take an image from the net because I cant seem to upload a picture from my cellphone camera, sorry ) This way it is 100% on the floor and not the casters giving you great even support and it will not move at all. When you want to move it you just have to tilt it back onto the casters and roll it away. This setup will prevent any kind of damage to the wheels / casters and give your stand full contact on the ground for great support and even spreading impact force from striking over a wider area underneath the stand and not just the small spots where your wheels / casters are attached and contact the ground. I have this setup on all my anvil stand and i find it works great. Just an idea for you. Happy Heatin' and Beatin'!!!
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