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very first timer

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so today, i finally got all of the necessary equipment to begin my smithing juourney. and i must say it was great. i hurt places that i didn't know i could hurt, and have blisters in places that i thought couldn't get blisters. (it's not really that bad). but my fiancee said that the first thing i made was hers so that being said here it is, i made her a bracelet and she loves it, and everyone else that i know wants one.
i'm pretty proud of my efforts and i hope to spend the rest of my life learning new things and making what ever i deem pertinent.

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Pretty good first effort!

Making goodies for the wife is a good way to keep her good will. She'll like things for the house, garden. garden shed, barn, etc. too. Right now I'm spending way too much time per item making weaving weights for Deb. She suggested using nuts, fishing weights, etc. but ohhhh NOooo I went out and forged one, now she wants more. As she said last night, "you can fill this cookie tin." Eh!?!

On the other hand I enjoy playing with fire and hitting things with hammers. It's also giving me some good debugging time on a new tool I made a few weeks ago.

Thomas is right, smithing makes a wonderful hobby and there are worse jobs but it's a far BETTER hobby than job.

Welcome aboard.


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