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How do I wire up my motor

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I really aren't sure which heading this should be under so opted to put it here. 

I have no experience of electrics apart from putting on a plug and paying the bill so hopefully someone can guide me with this.

I need to wire up my single phase, 2hp motor with a 240v plug but have no clue at all. There are 6 terminals and a capacitor to consider and I've been told it's a relatively simple task. I've added a drawing of how the wires are connected on it in order so you can see it clearly and help explain it to me.20200719_000914_compress94.thumb.jpg.4b808acfa67c8dfa41b0e1f844438308.jpg20200718_235222_compress59.thumb.jpg.2a79dfa402f725676d7bfa587a31534a.jpg20200718_235305_compress13.thumb.jpg.2a0913648ae22b355ca1f5f30695287a.jpg

I've tried looking this up online but could only find an explanation with 2 capacitor's attached to the motor so thought it best to seek out exactly  what I need rather than try to interpret that. Thankyou in advance to anyone who can help.


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I'm no expert, so my advice is real cheap. In Europe, all standard out-of-the-wall electricity in a house or office is 220-240V/single phase. We don't always agree on the shape of the plug at the end of the cord, but the juice coming out of the wall is the same (everywhere I have ever been in Europe).

Did the motor come with bridges or ties you can put between the posts?

Your brown wire will run to V2 and the blue wire to V1, and then you tie U2 and V2/V1 and W1 to run CW (clockwise) or U2 and V1/V2 and W1 to run CCW.

My old drill press is (almost) set up this way


I think Clarke still makes motors, so they should be able to confirm this.

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Thanks very much for your help with this 'twar'. Your a star.

I was given the motor a couple of years ago by a work buddy and didn't get any terminal bridges with it however, I can make a few from a piece of 0.5mm brass plate I have laying around so they should suffice.

Clarke do still make motors like mine, so I sent them an email asking if they could help me with a wiring diagram for it. Unfortunately, I've not received a reply from them but thanks to you, I don't need one now:).

Thanks again twar


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