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  1. Gavj75

    Motor needed

    I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me out with these problems. This community of people are all helpful, kind and generous and I'm happy I discovered "I FORGE IRON" A big thumbs-up to everyone
  2. Gavj75

    Motor needed

    Hey Steveo, My drive wheel is 5" .I've been on a steep learning curve with this build so I'm guessing it's a bit big is it? What size would be right? Cheers Gav
  3. Gavj75

    Motor needed

    I am very happy with how my sander looks Mike but it's not what's important really. Yours works properly and you can use it. At present , mine doesn't. Take it easy bud, Gav
  4. Gavj75

    Motor needed

    I painted it with cans of spray. I gave it a good undercoat first then just built up the blue with multiple light coats in till I was happy. Can u post some pics of your build please Mike? Cheers , Gav
  5. Gavj75

    Motor needed

    Some pics Mike, thanks Gav
  6. Gavj75

    Motor needed

    Hey Tim, I'll take some pics of my sander so u can see what I'm ''playing'' with. Although it would be a shame to take apart what I've built and start again around a real and appropriate motor, simply put, it has to be done. I'm sure I'll be able to salvage a lot of what I've got. Gav
  7. Gavj75

    Motor needed

    Thanks a bunch Steve. Hopefully I'll be able to sort something out from these options you've made me aware of. Niv
  8. Gavj75

    Motor needed

    So, I built a 2×72" beltsander and as I've had to build practically every single bit of it, as I've got no money to spend on it, I've had problems to solve every step of the way. Anyway, it's finished now and looks great, I've even gave it a pretty tidy paint-job with my logo on the side. The biggest problem I had was it kept throwing the belts but after I crowned my tracking and drive wheels using electrical tape, again, it was problem solved. So I used it for the first time last weekend and discovered that the 540W bench grinder motor which I built it around, doesn't have enough power. The belt slows down the second I put any pressure on it. I'm gutted. So I need to do a re-build using a more powerful motor. Can anyone suggest where I can salvage a motor that will plug into the 240 socket(I have no idea with electrics) what will be up to the job please but keep in mind that I don't have much cash to spend. Thankyou
  9. Gavj75

    What's it called?

    Can someone please let me know what the cotton wool type stuff is called what you can use to insulate your propane forge with? Also, where to buy it from in the UK? Thanks
  10. Do u have a picture that you can post 'swedefiddle'? I made my anvil from railway track and it sits on railway sleeper as it's base. It's useful stuff
  11. I've been building a basic folding machine in my dinner break at work for about 4 months now and finally finished it today so I thought I'd share it with you all.
  12. Gavj75

    Melting aluminium

    Thanx for all your info people. My motivation behind this was to end up with a billet( thanx Smoggy) which I can then turn in the lathe as I'm not satisfied with the drive wheel on my beltsander. I have everything I need to do this including lots of bits of scrap aluminium therfore, if it works out ok I'll save the forty or so quid it would cost to buy the stock material and have it delivered.
  13. Hello again to all. I just have one simple question : Can I use a peice of mild-steel tube with a bottom and handle welded on, as a make-shift crucible, to melt aluminium in? I've watched people on line recycling odd bits of aluminium and casting it into useful billets(if that's the right word) and thought I'd give it a try
  14. Gavj75

    Homemade 2x72 Belt Grinder. Check it out!

    The idea of being able to sit or stand is definitely appealing. I've got some stuff to consider now before I start clagging steel together so thanx for the input
  15. Gavj75

    Homemade 2x72 Belt Grinder. Check it out!

    It's looks like it'll be a really stable machine. Well done to you. I'm just finishing building my own and like your free-standing design. I was going to clamp mine to the bench but mite do something similar to yours. Kudos