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  1. Good advice. Thank you.
  2. Thank you. I will use D2.
  3. This is the «before picture». This what it looked like when I picked it up—not all that beautiful. It’s currently in pieces, so I’ll get back with an «after picture» when I’m done cleaning it up. It’s 3’ across the top/fly and 30´´ tall. The screw is 2-1/2´´, 3-threaded.
  4. This is merely a beginner’s experiment to see what I can do with my newly acquired 120-year-old H-frame manual press (guessing it to be about 5t). I know I can punch, bend and form, but can I cut/shear sheet metal in a way similar to a bench-mounted, levered metal shear—but on a smaller/finer scale. So, no major project—I’m just learning. And I’m not trying to stamp straight though sheet metal, but rather shear progressively throught it (if that makes any sense). I may fail spectacularly, but I will learn (maybe). My original question was, what kind of steel is typically used in sheet metal shears? I have H13 on hand, but understand that it’s not the best choice. Thank you all for your feedback.
  5. Thank you Latticino. Think for example something like a simple hinge blank where a 3x3"(+/-) piece of 12-14g sheet metal is cut in to two hinge halves. No curves, just straight lines and right angles.
  6. Thanks ForgeDad. What would the blade of sheet metal cutter/shear be typically made of?
  7. Definitely a big help pnut. Thank you.
  8. My "blade" is a thin piece of steel with a ground sharp edge that I want to press/cut through cold sheet metal. My cut will not be a straight line, and that's why I am asking about the bending. I have enough H13 on hand, but if I didn't what would be a better choice? Thank you for the help.
  9. Thank you all for the feedback.
  10. I'd like to stamp sheet metal blanks using my fly press. If I make a "blade" out of e.g. H13, can I bend it (hot or cold?) in to shape (also with the press) as I would mild steel? Thanks.
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