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I Forge Iron

Hello from Tucson, AZ

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Been lurking for a few weeks. I've gotten soooooo much useful information from this forum that I thought it was time I pop my head in and say hi.

My T-burner Saga

I made myself a Frosty T burner from the pdf instructions. Well, tried... It was... frustrating. Measured, drilled, tapped, checked all my measurements 3 times... sputtering. I bought different sized MIG tips. Still sputtering. I reduced the length of the MIG tips. Same problem. Maybe it was the tapping job I did? Bought new materials, tapped the end all the way with the bit in the drill press and rotating the chuck by hand (it was unplugged Frosty!). Still the exact same problem. It seemed like when I screwed the MIG tip in part way in, it would align straight, but cinching it down led it to deviate to one side...

Turns out, I'm just a noob at tapping and I didn't tap far enough down the bit to leave a thread taper (terminology?). Screwed the MIG tip in again and this time straight as an arrow! Fired it up again and!... can't hold a flame. No matter how low I set the pressure, the flame would blow out immediately. Frustrated, I gave up and started looking at making some firebrick from home. Decided to pick up a reducing bell while I was picking up some perlite and portland cement (I know...). Brought it home, screwed it on the tip and now IT WORKS!!!

Testing out how it will work in the steel bucket I've purchased to make a furnace with (I have it set to less than 1 psi, hence a bit of sputter).


I'm a bit impatient so I used a charcoal chimney and lump charcoal to heat some metal up in the backyard so I could start hammering. I can't believe how much fun I'm having with a claw hammer.




I love the permanence of metal. Eventually, I'd love to learn all aspects of metal working. 

Anyway, thank you all for all your expertise and for making it public knowledge.

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Glad you got your burner working and are enjoying starting to play with hot metal.  Burners do tend to need some kind of flare outside a forge, but not as much inside.

One quick warning though:  PLEASE STOP RUNNING YOUR BURNER INSIDE A GALVANIZED BUCKET IMMEDIATELY!..  Sorry for the caps, but the fumes it will give off are poisonous.  If the bell you put on the end of your burner is galvanized you might want to change that out on mild steel or cast iron as well.

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Yes! I realized this a bit too late. Would scrubbing it off with vinegar be sufficient/worth it in your opinion or more trouble than it is worth? If not I can always cut the loss and move on to something else.

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