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Welded face wrought iron hammer


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First successful welded face hammer I like it a lot. I started with a 3.5 pound church of wrought iron anchor chain and forge welded on a 1/2 inch face and a little wedge for the peen. I put it back in hot vinegar for a little more etch before I handle it. 




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Nice.  Looking very viking hammer inspired.  You will fall in love with the thwack sound the composite hammer makes.  I use mine on most of my forgings.  Next time I recommend a slightly larger eye, but I understand it can be difficult to drift in WI without splitting.  It can help if you start with a  longer slot punch.

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Thanks latticino, I am working on a bigger drift, I like a bigger handle hole. I just used it to rough forge a drift from a section of jackhammer bit and also used the peen to spread a rr spike as wide as I could. The peen is aggressive. I punched the hole where the hammer tongs balanced. Not sure if I like a balanced hammer. I think most of mine are a little toward the point.  This was some gooD wrought very little delamination while forging even when it hit a little colder 

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