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Restoring a Burned Up 1920's 25 lb Little Giant Hammer

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Good morning, just curious if anyone has fixed up a 1920's 25 lb Little Giant that has been through a shop fire? Our area was burned over in NC Washington in 2015 and my LG burned, melted out all the babbit.  Saved all the components except the electric motor and have it sitting a back corner of the garage for a retirement project.  I had gotten it a couple of years earlier, it ran fine, had ordered new spring and dies at the time and had the repair book to tune/tweak it.  It was fun to operate but a bit noisy for our place......Upon rebuilding, I bought a hydraulic press and like it but miss the LG.....we'll see what retirement and my patience brings;)…...Thanks for any feedback.  Tom

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I bought a burned-up LG 50# about 5 years ago. I re-bushed the pivot arms, cleaned everything up, did a bunch of research on pouring babbits, and then ran out of gas on the project and sold it on to the next affecionado. There are good Youtube videos out there on pouring the babbit - the clutch pour looks a little tricky.

You'll probably need to heat-treat the dies.

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