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Tire hammer build pics........at last

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If u have seen my last post u'll know i was having trouble adding photos 2 the forum. Thanks to Chris C, I can now do this.

The birth of this project came when a work colleague threw an old 10lb sledge hammer head in the skip at work. Naturally, I dove straight in and salvaged it. I wasn't sure what for at this point but knew it was worth keeping.

I had a 1500rpm, 2h/p motor which the mechanical fitter at work gave me when I was building my beltsander. I didn't use it as i'd just got a 3000rpm, 2h/p motor from a kind chap I met on the forum. 

Thats when the idea to build a tyre hammer came to me but I still needed somewhere to build and house it. A friend has his own small workshop and he agreed that I could do it there. And that was that.

I work as a Plater so was able to get hold of most of the other materials through my job.  150 × 200 × 10thk box sec. 4 the "spine". 500 × 500 ×50thk base plate and 70 × 70 solid square bar to make the anvil post( 4 together, 140x140) and main hammer shaft from.

Anyway, they say a picture speaks a thousand words so have a look:


Not sure whether I'm using the sledgehammer head or forklift tyne instead???


Don't u hate it when your mig wire runs out in the middle of your weld 


made a jig to assemble the 2 spring arms to make sure the centre's are both the same on them


had to build a pulley system as i couldn't lift the tyre high enough and put a bolt in to hold it. Because of COVID 19 I had to do it on my own. My friend was watching me do this but couldn't help. It was tough.



starting to look like a hammer


my design to keep the hammer straight and true. 120 × 50 × 6thk brass on all sides with minimal clearance. I'll use silicone grease to lube it. Hope it works ok but I guess we'll see in time. Fingers crossed .

I'll add some more pics as the build progresses, in the meantime if u have any questions I'll do my best to answer them.

Thanks Gav

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Looks good Gav, I like the use of brass for the ways, almost went that way but I have such a difficult time using brass in the shop for anything other than knife fittings. :) On the build I just did (bow spring hammer post), I just shimmed it on two sides using the ultra high density plastic stuff and a piece of annealed 15n20 - I figure my tup is made of A2, it’s going to be pretty darn wear resistant anyway. So far the steel on steel is working well and the plastic doesn’t appear to be wearing but it’s all lithium greased daily before I fire it up every day. Nice build, keep the picture coming!


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Back in the shop 4 a few hours 2day and soon realised the shaft 4 my hammer is small by about 4inch/100mm.:( I don't think I took into account how much more movement the flex of the spring gives. So..........today, although busy for 4 hours, my build didn't really progress much. I cut the connection off the top and cut a new piece of 70x70 from the material what will be my anvil post. I replaced that piece with the small hammer shaft I cut off. Hope u can follow that. This results in my post being 100mm smaller and hammer being 100mm longer.

I put a large prep all the way round, pre-heated it to remove all the moisture and welded it up with stick20200531_023617_compress96.thumb.jpg.a15a78b835d4fcf3bcd196ebda5b4700.jpg


Now I had to draw-file all the faces so they were nice and flat and square. Wish I had a surface grinder cos this is the second time doing this and its hard,dirty work when its hot like it was today. After the file I went through the grades of emery paper from 120 to 320


There are still some craters or pock marks in each of the 4 faces but I reckon these will fill with the silicon spray lube I'm going to use and may even help (at least thats what I'm telling myself). I can't take it down anymore anyway because that would create play in its housing which holds it true and plum.

So that was my afternoon in the workshop. I'll post more next week when I'll hopefully make some actual progress in my hammer build 

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