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elevator cable for forging?

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I got ahold of a bunch ,75 feet or so, of elevator cable tonight. Most of it is cut into short lengths to be trimmed to the desired piece later. Turns out its not solid, according to my friend the elevator repairman, none of it is. It has a jute rope core, which would leave a 1/4 hollow in the center. Is this forgable? anyone have experience with Elevator cable. Please let me know.

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I have seen this type of cable forged into knives although I have never done it myself. You can either pull the rope out or you can burn it out. IIRC, the person pulled the rope out before putting the piece in the fire.
May I direct you to the green bar at the top of the page, click on the "User CP" and edit your profile stating you location. You will be pleasantly surprised at how this can help you in the future. Shoot, you may have one of these here members as a neighbor and he could be, this very minute, putting a piece of this type of cable in his forge to make a whatever. Anyway....it could happen. ;)

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You could also replace the rope with a section of 1/4" left lay cable for a bit more pattern. It may be a PITA finding left lay cable in 1/4" though.

Welcome aboard, lots of soot covered ferrets in your neck O' the woods.


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