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So far so good

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A big hello 2 all as I've not posted or conversed with anyone 4 a while.

I just wanted to u all some pics of the build so far and I'll have the odd question 4 those of u who are in the know

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Really sorry but I can't seem to add any pics of my hammer build. Not sure what the problem is but when I've sussed it out I'll be sure to post some so u all can check it out.

I have decided to use steel from a forklit truck tyne or fork for my hammer head and anvil, as I've seen people make alsorts of tools from it. Not sure if i should do a simple heat-treatment (heat till not magnetic and quench in oil)on the face's of them. The fork was 150 × 50mm thick and I cut it into stock size of 300mm long piece's using a oxy-propane torch. I then used a 9" grinder with a cutting wheel to cut out my hammer and anvil. What do u think? Should I do a heat-treatment? 


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Chris your a genius, thanks again.

Couldn't get to sleep so thought id give it a quick go and BLAMMO! It looks like it worked:D

My hammer build so far. I'll add some more pics soon but right now I need to sleep20200517_012300_compress85.thumb.jpg.29ef96bca250c3a38dbdc4124aa102b8.jpg

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Mine's just a pile of parts at this point :)  I've got anvil, tup, wheel, hub so far, plus Clay's plans.  I'm actively studying linkages and guide arrangements, as I intend to deviate from the plans a bit to accommodate the parts I'm starting with.

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