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Forged knife with black layer

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Hey guys,

I want to buy one of these forged cleaver knives because they really look awesome. I hope I am allowed to ask a question in this forum even if I am not making it myself. I am trying to find out what the correct term is for the black layer on the knife? Is it 'burnt' carbon etc? Is it food safe etc?

Any feedback will be appreciated. 


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It's an iron oxide that forms during the forging process and is food safe just make sure you wash it before use

Also the iron oxide is good because it protects the steel from corrosion (but be careful about the shiny part as it will still corrode if not treated properly)

The iron oxide layer also just looks good because it says, "Yeah this knife was hand forged!!!" or it can give the blade a post apocalyptic vibe to it 

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Welcome aboard Clintrix, glad to have you. If you put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many members live within visiting distance. A lot of information has a strong location component so it's not just because. 

Wire that black oxide OFF completely!! It may not be toxic but it WILL TRAP BACTERIA!  

A serious drawback to getting information off the internet, especially social media is people will give you advice who have literally zero knowledge or experience. In some cases, like this one, the advice can be DANGEROUSLY B-A-D this last tidbit for example could lead to your entire family or perhaps everybody at a BBQ suffering food poisoning. Yes?

I think I've beaten up on Jaegers enough for now. I HATE to discourage people from being helpful but they MUST consider their own level of knowledge and experience and other people's safety. FIRST. 

Nobody thinks you're a bad guy and we don't like slapping kids around but IFI is a self correcting forum and we WILL NOT tolerate dangerous advice or practices without speaking out. 

Stick around little brother we want to bring you up to speed so you can give good advice and teach others the craft.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Is correct.

Microcracks can harbor food poisoning bacteria. The most serious is Clostridium tetani the bug that causes tetanus.

This subject has been covered,  in depth,  in several threads on i forge iron.

Use a search engine e.g. Google add the phrase  'IFI ' in your search string and 'food poisoning.'  That should bring up several threads that cover the subject.

This site is a collective of folks with experience and all manner of expertise free to all users.

Enjoy and profit from it.


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