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Are there counterfeit anvils?

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So, I was re-watching "Catch me if you can" once this last week and started wondering if some of you guys has ever come across an actual anvil counterfeit.

I've looked for some topic focusing specifically on this issue but couldn't find any. If this is a repost, I'm sorry.

Can you guys share your histories?

Also, I think is good to note that by "counterfeit anvil" I mean someone who's trying to making a cheap/no brand anvil as a "famous" one.

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Oh yes; I live in the USA near the border with Mexico and there have been anvils showing up here that were cast in Mexico using old "real" anvils to make the mold.  They seem to be "empty out the ladle" castings at the end of the day and be whatever alloy was being cast.  Some show up unfettled with a parting line down the middle of the face and horn. Some are dressed and look a lot like the originals, (Peter Wright seems to be a favorite---but as Peter Wrights were never cast...)  They may even be a decent alloy at times but no heat treatment and no consideration of the grain structure as an as cast item.

I've seen several examples where folks are trying to sell them as "antique" anvils and I expect with the cost of anvils in the USA so high to start seeing some false stamped.

There are also Anvil Shaped Objects; cast from cast iron but with really poor shapes---the flat duck billed horn for instance.  Many show up here from China and may be advertised as real/professional blacksmith tools when they are not!  (I recently saw one with the brand name of "Real Steel" and under that in much smaller letters it says "made from cast iron"...

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I've seen 2 small anvils with hi-end anvil markings but cast in poor cast iron, obviously fakes. One was a UAT, and the other was a SZ Skoda anvil. At first I thought the faceplate on both had been removed; but the side were milled to look like a faceplate.

So; yes; there are counterfeit anvils, although not a lot.

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