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Welding Cart Build.

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I'm relatively new to IFI and learning about building a forge from a propane tank.  As welding will be involved I thought it would be neat to have a welding cart for my welder that I recently upgraded to.  I had a HF MIG welder and upgraded to a Hobart 140 Handler.  I like the machine, the longer leads for the ground cable and gun and, that I can add a gas mix to the machine down the road.  

I'm very new to welding and still struggle with making a good looking weld.  I seem to have good penetration and everything seems to be "stuck" together well.

I looked at a variety of welding carts.  The smaller ones were nice and the price was not too bad but, they didn't have the storage that I would have liked.  The larger ones with the available storage were just too big for my purposes and where it can be stored in the garage when not in use, so I can still get my truck in the garage.

On one of my excursions to Goodwill, I found an inversion chair (I think that's what it's called) for about $20.  I picked it up for the metal.  On another trip I found a smaller three-drawer Craftsman tool box for about $20 (after senior discount - lol).

I recently finished putting it together.  I want to build a folding table to weld on that will be mounted on the back of the box.  I need to make a couple of hangers for the leads.  There is enough storage for me right now.  I'm able to put my welding helmet, gas gauges and small metal cut-off saw in the bottom and a few tools and tips in the other drawers.  

I have about $110 or so into the cart with the metal from the chair, the toolbox, 5" wheels from HF and a diamond plate for the floor where the bottle(s) would sit.

My welds aren't great but, some were decent, hahaha.  I had a lot of fun building the cart and feel pretty proud of the accomplishment.  

Stay safe and healthy!









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The cart for our Hobart 187 was built by the friend we bought it off of. He made it out of an old HF hand truck that could be used horizontally. He made it out of metal lumber (angle iron) and plywood. The toolbox is an old Coca Cola box. :) Did I say, I really like yours. One hint I have is don't buy the rolls of flux core wire from HF, they are so much worse for welding than brands made in the U.S. and you will be amazed when you get gas for it.


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Now c'mon.  That first photo has to be fake because the clamps sitting behind are actually neatly organized rather than spread all over the shop :-) 

If I had a do-over on mine, it'd be bigger wheels.  Small ones seem to always find that one little piece of gravel on the floor which makes it like hitting a brick wall when rolling the cart around.

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NICE job Jim, well done! 

I noticed his clamps too Kozzy but most of mine are just as neatly hung. I just can't get to them for all the . . . stuff on the floor in front of them.

Did you notice the box for his welding shield is IN the tool box? Think he's so new he ACTUALLY stows the shield back in the box? :rolleyes:

I adapted a yard sale find cart for my Hobart wire feed and it works nicely on the concrete floor, not so outside. I've been watching for a supermarket carry out cart. It has a top basket large enough for the welder and another near ground level that extend farther out. What really interests me are the large solid tire bicycle type spoke wheels that easily roll large loads of groceries over chunk ice slushy parking lots even hop curbs.  I've been jonesing for one of those babies since first we met. 

Heck I'd like a couple, need something to haul my torch and bottles around too.

Frosty The Lucky.


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Thanks everyone for the kind words.

Yes - my few clamps are stored on the cabinet doors.  I am soooo out of room in my garage, even though it is large for a two car garage.  I try to put things back when I'm done with them but sometimes fail miserably.  lol.  

I did get my roll of flux core wire from Home Depot.  I think it's the Lincoln brand.  

Now I can hardly wait to try gas with the welder in hopes of making a better looking weld.  

Yes, lol, I do store my helmet in the box.  Sort of in hopes of keeping it looking good and not scratching up the lens.  

I have a few more things to weld on the propane forge and am like a kid waiting to get home from school to play with my new toys, lol.  

Frosty - I love the re-purpose you did with your cart and toolbox!  

Thank you!

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19 hours ago, Irondragon Forge & Clay said:

We store our helmets & shields in the boxes, keeps the spiders out of them.:o

Oh go ahead, take the fun out of teasing the new guy! :P

See if your local welding supply carries "peal offs" thin plastic sheets that stick to the lens of your shield like what you have to peal off a new TV phone, etc. They get scratched up saving your welding shield. Smoke and dust WILL stick to your shield and it doesn't matter what you wipe them off with the lens will get scratched up. 

I'm thinking you're confusing someone else's welding cart for what I patched together. Unless you're thinking I actually built my want to have cart. I'm not the type to accidentally wander off with a carry out cart from the supermarket. Sometimes being basically honest is a handicap.

Frosty The Lucky.

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