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Customer Anvil ID- Pic Heavy

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Hey all,

I was at a customer site today, and they have a big ole London pattern. No makers mark, no weight mark, but there is a serial number on the RH under the horn, and the bottom has a pill shaped cavity. Also, visible steam hammer marks under the heel. 

They've been on the site since roughly the 1870's I was told. I got to see the old blacksmith shop- it's storage now and there is a Hotsy under the old forge chimney, but you can see the old anvil stand. 

He said the anvil is mostly used to reshape pickeroons nowadays. 

They make rail ties these days. 


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The caplet indentation was used by Trenton and (to a lesser extent) Arm and Hammer. Both manufacturers being in Columbus Ohio; they were believed to share bases when needed. (I have a clearly stamped A&H with a caplet base.) The visible hammer marks under the heel was common to the Arm and Hammer.  I don't have AinA handy to check the serial number between them.

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Anvils in America: Arm & Hammer anvils serial  1878X would have been made around 1913-1914

Anvils in America: Arm & Hammer anvils before 1930 had the serial number to the middle or to the right under the horn. Check

Anvils in America: Arm & Hammer anvils after 1909 had the caplet indentation on the base. Check

Anvils in America: Arm & Hammer anvils are distinctive due to the presence of fullering marks under the heel. Check

Narrow enough?

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Oh, come now TP, I need to know the exact shift, crew, and foreman name! 

I jest...  

Thank you very much, I'll pass the info along- I know they'll be absolutely thrilled to know a make with near-certainty and a year range as well. 

Again, thanks!

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