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When we were working for the Cadillac dealership in Miami mid to late 70s GM, was going to electronic/computer ignition systems. One of the mechanics/radio man had a CB in his van that was so powerful that when he keyed the mic while driving on I95, it would shut off all the GM vehicles near him. He had so much fun with that moving traffic out of his way.

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14 minutes ago, rockstar.esq said:

A solid state relay (SSR) is one relatively simple solution to the academic question.  DC signal to control AC power.  The problem is that most insurance companies will require that all devices connected to the building's electrical system be listed and/or approved for the purpose.  It's my understanding that having an unlisted device connected voids your policy with some agencies.  Insurance adjustors have been known to deny an unrelated claim when they find proof of an unlisted device connected to the system.

Hmmm, Interesting.

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Jacob's ladder = giant electric spark and generates a strong EMP a few feet from a giant antenna connected to a sensitive radio receiver. Think his radio even worked after that? Lightening only lasts a millisecond or so and can blow breakers if it's close. I'm betting it fried the fellow's sensitives. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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