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Hello, friends ! Let me show you my new job. As before, I want to apologize for using a translator. I will try to write correctly.

By order, I had to make a violinist out of small parts of metal plates. The violinist is made of new sheet metal, 2 millimeters.

And I began to do my work with shoe and violin ... My sculpture does not have a wire frame inside. Which of course is more complicated






Having made the shoes, I simply connected the pieces of metal upwards with a welding machine ... pants, shirt and head.








I have to say, I have no education ... I am not an artist, and not a welder. My work is village creativity.

Therefore, the head did with great difficulty. And this is what I did








Then it was only necessary to collect, it was my violinist. 






Video from my channel on YouTube. Sculpture "Violinist".



Thank you very much !



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I'm glad you used a translation program, I don't speak Russian. A couple words is all. 

I think that fits the definition of art just fine. It makes a statement beautifully and art is about saying something others understand. I really like it!

Spasibo. (I know that one but I had to look up the spelling)

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank you very much ! When I see the English text, I understand a little, but speaking is still difficult ... there are technical words, they are the most complex. because of the translation, it is difficult for you and me as masters to understand the name of the tool or methods in work. Better to see ... Regards.

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I agree, words don't translate perfectly between most languages so we end up describing and explaining what we mean. Even then there are some things that don't exist in other cultures. Pictures may not explain a name but we can usually figure out what you use them for. Then we can make up our own names. 

Figuring these things out is one of the things I like most about having so many people, languages and cultures on Iforge, I get to pick up some of everything. Not to mention getting to look at other people's work. 

We stopped worrying about understanding what someone just said, if it's important we ask and everybody gets to learn something new. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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