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150# Hay Budden anvil

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I have this Hay Budden anvil from my late fathers garage, which is now my shop. I have moved it from one place to another and figured I'll never use it in my lifetime, so I joined this group hoping to find out about it's age, condition and possibly a "ball park value" of it's worth. There are a few "tools" that fit into the square hole which I have no idea of how they are used. The anvil base is covered in about a sixteenth of rust colored dust which I hand wire brushed to reveal, maker serial # & other marks. It is marked 144 stamped under the HAY_BUDDEN MANUFACTURING and has a 5 stamped under the horn. The serial number is 205807. The top looks to be in decent condition considering it's age, it has a nice ring when struck with a hammer, the central working area has tooling marks and about a .025" low area measured with a straight edge placed diagonally across the corners. A 1" ball rebounds over 7" when dropped from 10". It is not pitted or very rusty, looks like a lot of it's life has been under cover. I'll try to clean it better with some more elbow grease and soap. I don't want to do anything to it that might damage it. I appreciate any input/feedback.








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Welcome aboard... Have you read this yet?  READ THIS FIRST  It will help you get the best out of the forum with tips like editing your profile to show your location, how to edit your posts to resize the pictures so a moderator doesn't have to do it for you and many others.

Your Hay Budden looks to be in excellent shape for its age and needs nothing other than a wire wheel to remove the loose rust and a coating of oil like BLO to protect it. Especially no grinding, milling or welding on the thinner hardened face which will do more harm than good. According to AIA 1913 was the year it was made.

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Thanks for your reply "Nearly Normal". I fixed my profile, however I do not know how to adjust pixel ratio on my photos. I can change aspect ratio, rotate and crop. I followed your suggestion and wire wheeled it and a good rub with BLO. I'll post 2 pictures that are cropped, hope I get it right this time. Thanks for everyone's patience.







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The easiest way to resize pictures is after you upload them and click on the + symbol to add them to the post double click on the picture and a pop up box appears to let you set the width and length. I usually make the width 500 and check the original aspect box and it automatically sets the height.  

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