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  1. Thank you, at least I can follow some instructions, I failed to read "read first" very well.
  2. Thanks for your reply "Nearly Normal". I fixed my profile, however I do not know how to adjust pixel ratio on my photos. I can change aspect ratio, rotate and crop. I followed your suggestion and wire wheeled it and a good rub with BLO. I'll post 2 pictures that are cropped, hope I get it right this time. Thanks for everyone's patience. Tony
  3. I live in Apopka, Fl. , thanks for the feedback
  4. I have this Hay Budden anvil from my late fathers garage, which is now my shop. I have moved it from one place to another and figured I'll never use it in my lifetime, so I joined this group hoping to find out about it's age, condition and possibly a "ball park value" of it's worth. There are a few "tools" that fit into the square hole which I have no idea of how they are used. The anvil base is covered in about a sixteenth of rust colored dust which I hand wire brushed to reveal, maker serial # & other marks. It is marked 144 stamped under the HAY_BUDDEN MANUFACTURING and has a 5 stamped under the horn. The serial number is 205807. The top looks to be in decent condition considering it's age, it has a nice ring when struck with a hammer, the central working area has tooling marks and about a .025" low area measured with a straight edge placed diagonally across the corners. A 1" ball rebounds over 7" when dropped from 10". It is not pitted or very rusty, looks like a lot of it's life has been under cover. I'll try to clean it better with some more elbow grease and soap. I don't want to do anything to it that might damage it. I appreciate any input/feedback.
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