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I have a new Bader BIII grinder.  The motor says 110/220.  It is a constant speed, not variable.  It doesn't plug in to my 220 outlets (like I use for my MIG and my Plasma Cutter).  Too small.  And, it doesn't plug into my 110 outlets (prongs to long).  But, the plug is the same pattern as both, just different size.  I'm far from being an electrician.  In fact, I believe that lights come on when you flip the switch, by coincidence.  Help!

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Here's the problem.   My blacksmith shop (fairly newly built) has a 20 amp circuit feeding a drop down (roller type) extension cord.  I bought a new grinder with a 2hp, 115/130 volt motor.  The plug on the grinder is a Hubbell, HBL5965VY, straight blade, male, industrial/commercial grade, straight, 2-pole 3 wire grounding plug, 15 amp 5-15A plug.

The plug has, exactly, the same pattern as do my other power tools; two flat, verticals and a semi-round prong in a triangular pattern with the two flat prongs.

The problem is, the plug won't go all the way into the receptacle. My next move is to move the grinder close enough to plug it into a wall plug.  If that works, is there an extension cord which will work?  The grinder has to sit far enough from the wall that the cord won't reach the wall. 

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that is a standard 15 amp plug you listed. there is no reason it shouldn't fit into a normal receptacle is recep on the drop cord clean? IF you use an extension cord make sure its actually rated for 15 amps, most cheaper ones are only safe for 10 to 13

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