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Anvil Identification

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I don't think you'll even get that much info with that picture............and only one shot of it.  Most of the folks who could identify it need to see the configuration of the feet, any markings on it they could identify, weight, size of the face, etc., etc., etc. " Whether or not it's any good"?  Do you know the rebound percentage?  The only rough idea I can give you is it's an anvil.  I don't want to sound mean, but I've got a Dodge Van in my back pasture.  Can you give me any idea how much it's worth?  Of course you can't.  Take some more pics.  Get some more information.  Then the experts on the forum might be able to help you.

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A good anvil is one that passes the ball bearing test; Doesn't matter WHO made it---you can have a bad anvil made from a great maker---if it's been through a fire.  You do not need us to run the test you can do so and evaluate it yourself.  That type of anvil should also pass the ring test.  Does it have an indentation in the base and if so what shape?

My guess is that it would be made after 1900 and so not an "old" anvil and I think it would probably be a good anvil. TEST IT!

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