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Two Oak Coffee Tables


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My DW has been asking for a coffee table for several years...a few good pieces of oak finally came out of my firewood logs.  After a lot of planing, sanding, forging, some welding, wire-brushing, etc., I came up with two (I usually make things in "2's") that have a good "wow-factor".  The larger table is 61"L X 16" to 19"W X 14.5"H, the shorter table is 56"L.  The oak slabs are a bit less than 2" thick...they both have great grain.  The black splotches are where I filled various holes with clear epoxy.  Wood finish is a coat of polyurethane, sanded with 320-grit, then a coat of Minwax Golden Oak...DW put some kind of furniture polish on them for a dull glow.

The legs are 1.5" square tube, battered and beaten under the power hammer - they are set at 5-degrees apart and a few degrees "out".  Notice in the photo of the legs I used a shim to soak up some wobble.  The legs are welded to pieces of 1/4X3X14 flat bar.  The end braces are 1/2" square. tapered and twisted, the tie rods are 3/8" square, twisted and "hooked".  The turnbuckles are from the hardware store, beaten and battered.  Leg wraps are 1/4" round, tapered on both ends, wound on with a rosebud, pliers and a small hammer.  Metal finish is wire brushed then a few coats of Rustoleum Clean Satin Enamel. 

Moving these things is a two-person event, but I would guess the load rating is around 1,500 pounds.  DW is keeping the larger table...happy wife = happly life...maybe I'll find a buyer for the shorter one.








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