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Help identifying anvils

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Hello. I’m a newbie who has inherited two anvils. One I want to keep for jewelry making and the other I’d like to sell. I don’t know how to price and which to keep. Can anyone identify and estimate value for sale? Which one should I keep? Thanks!














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Ippi; it may surprise you; but the price of anvils is very much tied to what country they are in; (or even what part of the country they are in!)

Not knowing that makes it hard to know if we are supposed to be giving a price in euros, pounds, pesos, Australian dollars or Quantloos! This forum is on the World Wide Web and we have folks participating from over 100 countries.

ACME was a Sears & Roebuck rebranding of a good american made anvil. The anvil with the missing face will take a big hit in price; like a used car with a throne rod in the engine.

Note that pictures of the bottom of the anvil can help identify it too.

Does the one stamped 1 0 7 weigh  close to 119 pounds?  If so, I would guess it's a Peter Wright and weight stamped in the CWT system.

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Thomas thank you for the info. My apologies for my newbie mistakes. I’m in North Carolina. I have attached photos of the bottom as you suggested. The 107 anvil weighs 112.6 on my home scale. The acme that has a damaged face is the one I was going to sell. It’s much heavier. I see in some of the post that some anvils have Trenton and Acme stamps. There is a partial diamond stamp above the Acme stamp. If you could suggest a fair price for the Acme it would be greatly appreciated. I have a buyer waiting for my asking price. 



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If you can see a diamond then Trenton/Acme  is a good assumption also with the strong hourglass indentation.

Prices of damaged anvils are generally what people are willing to pay; that one is missing a lot of it's sweet spot.  Have you talked with any of the local ABANA Affiliates as to local prices?  Where anvils are rare prices for damaged ones are higher than where anvils are common.

Stamped 1 0 7; weighs 112  seems to indicate CWT weight and so an English anvil as anvil stampings are often a bit heavier than weighed weights. I don't recall see any with the inverse.

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