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What came first? The BLO or the brass brush?


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This is a straight forward cry for help. 

I’ve tried both ways and still can’t really work out which is better.  When I make rams head implements I normally finish with beeswax and blo which darkens them nicely, but I do love a brass brush finish.  What should I put on first?

My small brain tells me the brass won’t stick on top of oil yet I find that for a brass brush finish the heat is a bit lower than for a good blo finish.  I’m going round in circles:wacko:

Any tips?  I couldn’t find the answer in the ifi tomes.

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Brass brush transfers brass to the warm metal making it look brass or golden.  It has no ability to seal the metal from moisture or oxygen.  

Bees wax or BLO is a protective coating or sealer for the metal to keep moisture or oxygen away from the metal.  

If you use the sealer first you will burn it off when you heat the metal in order to transfer the brass from the brush to the metal.  Use the brass brush first then seal the metal. 

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