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Fisher Anvil... When was it made?


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My dad gave me this anvil yesterday, as he is really getting up there and he's been trying to get rid of stuff.  He is not a blacksmith, nor am I.  I was born in 1953, and my dad had this (along with countless other tools) in the workshop for as long as I can remember.  He thinks it was made in 1898, because that is what's marked on one end of it.  But underneath it appears to be marked "MAY 13.84", along with an "E".  I've been doing internet searches since yesterday, and saw information about cast "Eagle" logo's and paper logo's, but I can find no remnants of either.  If it was made in 1898 I don't understand why it would have "84" on the bottom?   But yet if it was made in 1884, then 1898 would be 15 years into the future!

There is an "8" marked near one foot.  Weighing it on a bathroom scale indicates it's 72.5 pounds.  There's also a small "3" and a larger "2" located near the "1898" marking.  If anyone can provide and info about this anvil I'd appreciate it.  I have no plans to sell it or anything, I'm just curious as to just what it is.












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@ThomasPowers Thanks so much for the info!  It wasn't until this morning that I saw that THIS anvil actually had any markings on the bottom.  And then I thought I remembered seeing something online yesterday about markings there... but as usual... information on the internet is fleeting, and I sure couldn't find it again today.  So I guess this one was made during the period when there was no Eagle logo in the casting? 

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Welcome aboard... You have a very nice condition Fisher there. The 8 is the weight range 80 pounds more or less (due to differences in scales). I hope you have read about not doing any grinding, milling or welding on the hardened face. I always suggest reading this to get the best out of the forum.   READ THIS FIRST    It is full of tips like how to do the best search, editing your profile to show your location and many others.

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Thanks Irondragon. 

Tip 6: "Forum navigation:  Can't view multiple pages of thread? To move forward and back from page to page in a long thread, you can reload or refresh to get the next page when you get the infinite loading message" is priceless.  I couldn't figure out why I could never seem to get past page one of the threads. :unsure:

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18 hours ago, Les L said:

My 1898 Fisher has the eagle logo cast on the side.

I notice you're in Louisiana too!

Is your anvil the same size as the one I have (approx 80lbs)?  I definitely can't find any trace of the eagle logo on the one I have.  I do recall reading that for some period of time Fisher produced anvils both with and without the logo during the same years...  but I don't recall which years.

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I have an old Fisher 1899 with the 8 (80#) mark as well. No eagle on the side and it has broken off at the hardie hole like Les said. It's a bit beat up on the corners but it was my grand-dad's.  Actually it is the thing that got me into smithing. I found it and some old tongs out in the barn when i was about 20 and i got hooked.



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